All you need to know about the music business

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  • 780.23 P288 2019 (CEN)

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Tenth edition ; Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.

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New York : Simon & Schuster, 2019.

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xx, 500 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


"For more than twenty-five years, All you need to know about the music business has been regarded as the definitive guide to the music industry. Now in its tenth edition, Donald Passman leads novices and experts alike through what has been the most profound change in the music business since the days of wax cylinders and piano rolls: streaming. For the first time in history, music is no longer monetized by selling something--it's monetized by how many times listeners stream a song. And that's completely changed the ecosystem of the business. Executives, professionals, and artists alike will benefit from Passman's detailed yet easy-to-understand explanations of the latest technology, legalities, and practices shaping the music business, such as: what the music business looks like in the streaming age, and how best to benefit from it; the latest in deal structures and financial terms; a breakdown of the 2018 Music Modernization Act, and what it means to the industry; high-profile copyright infringement litigation, and what to do if someone steals your work. He also gives guidance on the basics, such as how to: select and hire a winning team of advisors--personal and business managers, agents, and attorneys--and structure their commissions, percentages, and fees in a way that will protect you; master the major and finer points of contract negotiations; navigate the ins and outs of songwriting and music publishing; maximize concert, touring, and merchandising monies. Passman's comprehensive guide--which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies--draws on his unparalleled experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of industry trends to give readers the ultimate inside look at how the music business operates. With its proven track record, this updated edition of All you need to know about the music business is more essential than ever for musicians, songwriters, lawyers, agents, promoters, publishers, executives, and managers--anyone trying to navigate the rapid transformation of the industry"--Publisher's description.


Includes index.


  • First steps
  • Part I: Your team of advisors. How to pick a team ; Personal managers ; Business managers ; Attorneys ; Agents.
  • Part II: Record deals. Broad-strokes overview of the record business ; Advances and recoupment ; Real-life numbers ; Other major deal points ; Producer and mixer deals ; Advanced royalty computations ; Advanced record deal points ; Loan-out, independent production, label, and distribution deals.
  • Part III: Songwriting and music publishing. Copyright basics ; Publishing companies and major income sources ; Even more publishing income
  • Songwriter, co-publishing, and administration deals ; Advanced copyright concepts ; Even more advanced copyright concepts.
  • Part IV: Group issues. Groups ; What's in a name?
  • Part V: Touring. Personal appearances: touring.
  • Part VI: Merchandising. Tour merchandising ; Retail, direct to consumer (D2C) merchandising, and fan clubs.
  • Part VII: Classical music
  • Part VIII: Motion picture music. Overview of motion picture music ; Performer deals ; Film songwriter deals ; Composer agreement ; Licensing existing recordings and existing songs for motion pictures ; Music supervisors ; Soundtrack record deals.
  • Appendix: Ye olde royalty calculations.

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