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Dear white women : let's get (un)comfortable talking about racism

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Publication Information

Oakland, California : The Collective Book Studio, 2021.

Physical Description

xi, 250 pages : illustrations, map ; 23 cm.


"What do you do when you're at a dinner party and someone tells a racist joke? Do you nod so as not to 'ruin the vibe'? What if you overhear a microaggression at work? Do you realize much later what you wish you had said? Going deeper, do you know why that joke, or that comment, is offenseive? If any of these questions resonate with you--or have at any time in your life--then this book is for you. Filled with short, targeted chapters that include personal narratives, historical context, and practical tips, Dear White Women empowers us to be anti-racist in our everyday lives. It teaches us how to do our part to push the needle of change in a direction that will benefit all of us."--Back cover.


  • Section I: On Being White in America
  • Chapter 1: Excuse Me, I Don't Have White Privilege
  • Chapter 2: White Privilege
  • A Deeper Dive
  • Chapter 3: Oh, Stop Being So Political
  • Chapter 4: But I'm Not Racist
  • Chapter 5: I Do Know Racists, Though
  • Chapter 6: How Should I Talk with Black People about Race?
  • Chapter 7: And Is It "Black" or "African American"?
  • Chapter 8: How Do I Make Sure I Teach My Kids Well?
  • Section II: On Being Black in America
  • Chapter 9: Isn't the N-Word Okay Sometimes?
  • Chapter 10: All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter
  • Chapter 11: Driving While Black
  • Chapter 12: But That Looting, Though...
  • Chapter 13: Gang Violence and Black-on-Black Crime
  • Chapter 14: The Extra Stuff Black Women Go Through
  • Chapter 15: School Choice, Busing, and Nice White Parents
  • Chapter 16: Rooting for Everybody Black
  • Section III: On Being a Non-Black Person of Color in America
  • Chapter 17: The Dangers of the "China Flu"
  • Chapter 18: Fancy Asians vs. Jungle Asians
  • Chapter 19: Who is Lantinx, Anyway?
  • Chapter 20: Native Americans: When an Entire Race Disappears from Modern History
  • Chapter 21: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
  • Afterword: Which Side Will You Stand On?
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  • Sources
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Authors

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