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Biodiversity and climate change : transforming the biosphere

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  • 577.22 B6152 (CEN)

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New Haven : Yale University Press, [2019]

Physical Description

xv, 387 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 26 cm


"The physical and biological impacts of climate change are dramatic and broad-ranging. People who care about the planet and manage natural resources urgently need a synthesis of our rapidly growing understanding of these issues. In this all-new sequel to the 2005 volume Climate Change and Biodiversity, leading experts in the field summarize observed changes, assess what the future holds, and offer suggested responses. From extinction risk to ocean acidification, from the future of the Amazon to changes in ecosystem services, and from geoengineering to the power of ecosystem restoration, this book captures the potential of climate change transform the biosphere."--Page [4] of cover.


  • Foreword / Edward O. Wilson
  • Part I. Overview : what is climate change biology?. Changing the biosphere / Thomas E. Lovejoy and Lee Hannah ; What is climate change? / Michael C. MacCracken
  • Part II. What changes are we observing?. Range and abundance changes / Camille Parmesan ; Case study 1 : The Bering Sea and climate change / Lee W. Cooper ; Phenological dynamics in pollinator-plant associations related to climate change / Eric Post and Michael Avery ; Coral reefs : megadiversity meets unprecedented environmental change / Ove Hoegh-Guldberg ; Genetic signatures of historical and contemporary responses to climate change / Brett R. Riddle ; Case study 2 : Climate change and salmon populations / Donald J. Noakes ; Rapid broad-scale ecosystem changes and their consequences for biodiversity / David D. Breshears [and 6 others] ; Case study 3 : Rapidly diverging population trends of Adélie penguins reveal limits to a flexible species' adaptability to anthropogenic climate change / Grant Ballard and David Ainley
  • Part III. What does the past tell us?. A paleoecological perspective on sudden climate change and biodiversity crises / Jeffrey Park ; Climate change, conservation, and the metaphor of deep time / Richard B. Aronson ; Case study 4 : The effects of sea-level rise on habitats and species / Céline Ballard, Camille Leclerc, and Franck Courchamp ; Past abrupt changes in climate and terrestrial ecosystems / John W. Williams and Kevin D. Burke ; A neotropical perspective on past human-climate interactions and biodiversity / Mark B. Bush
  • Part IV. What does the future hold?. Modeling species and vegetation distribution under climate change / Pablo Imbach [and 4 others] ; Climate change and marine biodiversity / William W.L. Cheung and Miranda C. Jones ; Case study 5 : Anticipating climate-driven movement routes / Joshua J. Lawler ; Impacts of ocean acidification on marine biodiversity / Joan A. Kleypas ; Tropical forests in a changing climate / James E.M. Watson, Daniel B. Segan, and Joshua Tewksbury ; Case study 6 : Postponing the Amazon tipping point / Daniel Nepstad ; Temperate and boreal responses to climate change / Lauren B. Buckley and Janneke Hillerislambers ; Climate change impacts on mountain biodiversity / Antoine A. Guisan [and 14 others] ; Case study 7 : Climate change and frost effects in Rocky Mountain plant communities / David Inouye ; Climate change : final arbiter of the mass extinction of freshwater fishes / Les Kaufman ; The asymmetrical impacts of climate change on food webs / Lauren Jarvis, Kevin McCann, and Mary O'Connor ; Case study 8 : Dynamic spatial management in an Australian tuna fishery / Jason R. Hartog and Alistair J. Hobday ; Invasive species and climate change / Elizabeth H.T. Hiroyasu and Jessica J. Hellmann ; Climate change and disease / Lindsay P. Campbell [and 3 others]
  • Part V. How can conservation and policy respond?. Protected-area management and climate change / Pablo A. Marquet, Janeth Lessmann, and M. Rebecca Shaw ; Case study 9 : Extinction risk from climate change / Guy Midgley and Lee Hannah ; Ecosystem-based adaptation / Caitlin Littlefield [and 5 others] ; Climate change mitigation using terrestrial ecosystems : options and biodiversity impacts / Monika Bertzky [and 3 others] ; Case study 10 : Connectivity by design : a multiobjective ecological network for biodiversity that is robust to land use and regional climate change / Andrew Gonzalez [and 3 others] ; Regreening the emerald planet : the role of ecosystem restoration in reducing climate change / Thomas E. Lovejoy ; Case study 11 : Enlisting ecological interactions among animals to balance the carbon budget / Oswald J. Schmitz ; Increasing public awareness and facilitating behavior change : two guiding heuristics / Edward Maibach ; Climate change, food, and biodiversity / Cary Fowler and Ola Tveitereid Westengen ; Saving biodiversity in the era of human-dominated ecosystems / G. David Tilman, Niko Hartline, and Michael A. Clark.

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