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From here to equality : reparations for Black Americans in the twenty-first century

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  • 323.1196 D218 (CEN, EAS, OSH, POW)

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Publication Information

Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2020]

Physical Description

416 pages ; 25 cm


"Racism and discrimination have choked economic opportunity for African Americans at nearly every turn. In 'From Here to Equality, ' William Darity Jr. and A. Kirsten Mullen confront these injustices head-on and make the most comprehensive case to date for economic reparations for U.S. descendants of slavery. After opening the book with a stark assessment of the intergenerational effects of white supremacy on black economic well-being, Darity and Mullen look to both the past and the present to measure the inequalities borne of slavery. Using innovative methods that link monetary values to historical wrongs, they next assess the literal and figurative costs of justice denied in the 155 years since the end of the Civil War. Finally, Darity and Mullen offer a detailed roadmap for an effective reparations program, including a substantial payment to each documented U.S. black descendant of slavery. Taken individually, any one of the three eras of injustice outlined by Darity and Mullen--slavery, Jim Crow, and modern-day discrimination--makes a powerful case for black reparations"--


  • A political history of America's black reparations movement
  • Myths of racial equality
  • Who reaped the fruits of slavery?
  • Roads not taken in the early years of the republic
  • Alternatives to war and slavery
  • Race and racism during the Civil War
  • Rehearsals for freedom
  • Radicals and rebels
  • Seven mystic years (1866-1873)
  • Sins of the sons and daughters
  • Beyond Jim Crow
  • Criticisms and responses
  • A program of black reparations.

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A Kirsten Mullen

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