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The rivals of Sherlock Holmes : the greatest detective stories : 1837-1914

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First Pegasus Books cloth edition.

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New York : Pegasus Crime, 2019.


Today, the figure of Sherlock Holmes towers over detective fiction like a colossus--but it was not always so. This collection of seventeen classic mystery stories, dating from 1837 to 1914, traces the earliest history of popular detective fiction.


  • Origins of Sherlock Holmes / Introduction / Secret cell / Mystery of Marie Roget / Detective police / Trail of the serpent (extract) / Notting Hill mystery (extract) / Mystery of Orcival (extract) / Mr. Policeman and the cook / Lenton Croft robberies / Gentlemen and players ; Return match / Secret of the fox hunter / Superfluous finger / Mystery of the yellow room (extract) / Jewish lamp (extract) / Man with the nailed shoes / Ninescore mystery / Scientific cracksman / Coin of Dionysius
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