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Murder a la mocha

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First world edition

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London : Severn House, 2019.


"Coffeehouse owner Maggy Thorsen's dinner with fiancé Sheriff Jake Pavilk's parents takes an unfortunate turn when Jake's mother falls ill. Driving home alone at midnight, Maggy barely avoids a terrified Chihuahua crossing the highway ramp in front of her car. She rescues the pup, intending to return "Mocha" to her owners the next morning. But when Maggy arrives at the Satterwite house, she finds the Satterwite's dog-sitter, Arial -- her partner Sarah's niece -- at the property with what looks like blood on her face. Uneasy, she leaves Mocha but returns with Sarah to find a body on the floor and no sign of Arial or Mocha. With Jake still in Chicago and Sarah desperate to find her niece, Maggy is drawn into yet another deadly puzzle."--Book jacket

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