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Robots vs fairies

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London ; New York : SAGA, 2018.

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373 pages ; 22 cm


A unique anthology of all-new stories that challenges authors to throw down the gauntlet in an epic genre battle and demands an answer to the age-old question: Who is more awesome--robots or fairies? Rampaging robots! Tricksy fairies! Facing off for the first time in an epic genre death match! People love pitting two awesome things against each other. Robots vs. Fairies is an anthology that pitches genre against genre, science fiction against fantasy, through an epic battle of two icons. On one side, robots continue to be the classic sci-fi phenomenon in literature and media, from Asimov to WALL-E, from Philip K. Dick to Terminator. On the other, fairies are the beloved icons and unquestionable rulers of fantastic fiction, from Tinkerbell to Tam Lin, from True Blood to Once Upon a Time. Both have proven to be infinitely fun, flexible, and challenging. But when you pit them against each other, which side will triumph as the greatest genre symbol of all time? There can only be one--or can there?


  • Introduction / Build me a wonderland / Quality time / Murmured under the moon / Blue fairy's manifesto / Bread and milk and salt / Ironheart / Just another love song / Sound and fury / Bookcase expedition / Work shadow/shadow work / Second to the left, and straight on / Buried giant / Robots experience objects left behind from the era of humans for the first time / Ostentation of peacocks / All the time we've left to spend / Adriftica / To a cloven pine / Fall counts anywhere

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