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Animals that live in social groups

Call Number

  • J 591.563 KALM (CEN, EAS, OSH)

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Publication Information

St. Catharines, Ontario ; New York, New York : Crabtree Publishing Company, [2016]

Physical Description

32 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm.


Grades 4 to 6.


"One of the biggest adaptations made by some animals is to live and work together as a group to ensure their survival. This intriguing book shows how social animals communicate and interact with members of their own species. Elephants, dolphins and orcas, monkeys, apes, lions, and wolves, educate their young, work together to find food, and take care of their group members. Smaller animals that work together in microsocieties include termites, ants, bees, and wasps. Students will have fun comparing their own social groups to those found in nature. Fascinating photographs accompany thought-provoking questions and activities."--


  • What are social groups?
  • Elephant herds
  • Sending messages
  • Wolf packs
  • Wolf communication
  • Life in a dolphin pod
  • Penguin colonies
  • Lion prides
  • Gelada baboon bands
  • Chimpanzee societies
  • Gorilla troops
  • Lemur conspiracies
  • Meerkat mobs
  • Prarie dog coteries
  • Your social groups.

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