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Radical hope : letters of love and dissent in dangerous times

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New York : Vintage Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, 2017.


A collection of letters--to ancestors, to children five generations from now, to strangers in grocery lines, to any and all who feel weary and discouraged--written by award-winning novelists, poets, political thinkers, and activists.


  • A symphony of voices / Radical hope / Dear Mama Harriet / The lantern / Dear Henry / Not a moment but a movement / A letter to my son / Dreams from our fathers / America / Dear Chebon / Human rights is the handhold, pass it on / You / A time to demand the impossible / A "holla" from the West Side / What I mean / Dear Mr. Roell / While you are standing / To the woman standing in line at the store, / Dear millenials / Is there no hope? / Grace and karma under Orange Caesar / #fuckfascism #fuckthepatriarchy / The fear and the resistance / A letter to my daughter / The most important act of resistance / To my goddaughter / Language is how you will make yourself / You are my kind / Zenaida / Stay open / Rambling thoughts for Roscoe / Queridísima Palonita: a letter to my great-great-great-great-great granddaughter / Signs from the Women's March
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