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A Grace Paley reader : stories, essays, and poetry

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  • 818 P158 (CEN, OSH)


First edition.

Publication Information

New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2017.


"An essential book for all Grace Paley fans. Grace Paley is best known for her inimitable short stories, but she was also an enormously talented essayist and poet. A Grace Paley Reader collects the best of Paley's writing, showcasing her breadth of work and her extraordinary insight and empathy"--


  • Stories. From The little disturbances of man
  • Goodbye and good luck
  • A woman, young and old
  • The loudest voice
  • An interest in life
  • Two short sad stories from a long and happy life
  • the used-boy raisers
  • A subject of childhood
  • From enormous changes at the last minute
  • Living
  • Comeon, ye sons of art
  • Faith in a tree
  • Enormous changes at the last minute
  • A conversation with my father
  • The long-distance runner
  • From later the same day
  • Friends
  • Mother
  • Ruthy and Edie
  • Zagrowsky tells
  • Essays. From just as I thought
  • Injustice
  • The illegal days
  • Jobs
  • Six days: some rememberings
  • Cop tales
  • The seneca stories: tales from the women's peach encampment
  • Women's pentagon action unity statement
  • Of poetry and women and the world
  • Thinking about Barbary Deming
  • The Gulf War
  • Report from North Vietnam
  • El Salvador
  • Other people's children
  • Some notes on teaching: probably spoken
  • Imagining the present
  • The value of not understanding everything
  • Feelings in the presence of the sight and sound of the bread and puppet theater
  • Traveling
  • From long walks and intimate talks
  • Midrash on happiness
  • Poems. Fidelity
  • For Danny
  • My mother: 33 years later
  • Suddenly there's Poughkeepsie
  • In the bus
  • A poem about storytelling
  • News
  • Connections: Vermont Vietnam (I)
  • Connections: Vermont: Vietnam (II)
  • In San Salvador (I)
  • That country
  • On the ramblas a tree a girl
  • People in my family
  • My father at 85
  • Sisters
  • On occasion
  • Anti-love poem
  • My sister and my grandson
  • Fathers
  • Luck
  • The hard-hearted Rich
  • Responsibility
  • For my daughter
  • Letter
  • Fear
  • Families
  • Saint-John's-wort!
  • Goldenrod
  • Then
  • Is there a difference between men and women
  • Definition
  • Education
  • One day
  • This hill.
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