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Minimalism : Vermont counterpoint ; Eight lines ; New York counterpoint ; Four organs

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Ransom Wilson, clarinet (flute?) (1st work) ; Solisti New York, Ransom Wilson, flutes, alto flutes and percussion (2nd work) ; Alan Damiens, clarinet, Franck Rossi, sound projection (3rd work) ; Michael Tilson Thomas, organs (4th work) ; London Chamber Orchestra, Christopher Warren-Green, conductor (5th-9th works).

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London : EMI Classics, p2008.


Title from cover of program notes in container.

In the first work, Ransom Wilson plays flute rather than clarinet as listed in the program notes.

The 1st work is scored for three alto flutes, three flutes, three piccolos and one solo part all pre-recorded on tape, plus a live solo part ; the 2nd work is originally for piccolo, flute, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, and 2 pianos, arr. for orchestra by the composer ; the 3rd work is for clarinet with tape of 10 overdubbed clarinets ; the 4th work is for 4 electric organs and maracas ; the 5th work is for 2 flutes or 2 soprano saxophones & string ensemble ; the 6th-9th work is for string quartet or string orchestra.

Compact disc.

Previously released material.

Program notes by Martin Cotton in English (10 p.) with translations into German and French inserted in container.


  • Vermont Counterpoint Eight lines New York counterpoint Four organs Facades Company: Movement 1 Movement 2 Movement 3 Movement 4
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