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The day the world exploded : the earthshaking catastrophe at Krakatoa

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  • *J 551.21 WINC (CEN)

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1st ed.

Publication Information

New York : Collins, c2008.

Physical Description

96 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 27 cm.


Ages 10-14.


The almighty explosion that destroyed the volcano island of Krakatoa was followed by an immense tsunami that killed more than thirty thousand people. The effects of the waves were felt as far away as France, and bodies were washed up in Zanzibar. Today, one hundred and twenty-five years after the volcano erupted in one of the greatest catastrophes the world has ever know, the name Krakatoa is still synonymous with disaster. In this illustrated account the colossal explosion is bought to vivid life. From the ominous warnings leading up to the eruption to the wave of killings it provoked, here is a look at what happened on the day the world exploded.


An adaption of "Krakatoa : the day the world exploded."


  • Understanding volcanoes: Legends
  • Alfred Wegener
  • Science
  • Some famous volcanoes
  • About Krakatoa
  • Business empire: Spice trade
  • Dutch East Indies Company
  • Batavia
  • Amazing century: Discovery and invention
  • Wallace line
  • Telegraph
  • Early warnings: May 1883
  • Perboewatan erupts
  • Tourism
  • Island deathwatch
  • Circus elephant
  • Krakatoa dies: Sunday, August 26, 1883
  • Monday, August 27, 1883
  • Impact near
  • And impact far
  • Reuters reports
  • Shock waves
  • Death rafts
  • Weather changes
  • Life returns: Rakata
  • Rising up
  • Island grows
  • Krakatau today.

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