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Two Artists: Andrea Zittel and Monika Sosnowska 1:1


The exhibition 1:1 is dedicated to the artists Monika Sosnowska (lives and works in Warsaw, Poland) and Andrea Zittel (lives and works in California and New York). It consists of a group of nine sculptures by Monika Sosnowska, some of which are monumental, and a comprehensive survey of the diverse oeuvre of Andrea Zittel. Both artists design spaces, and in doing so each responds to her own surroundings: to architecture, lifestyles, and traditions. In order to come to terms with the very different contexts in which they live and work, they design structures that are related to the existing situation and yet at the same time point beyond it. The exhibition title, 1:1, refers on one hand to the resulting “parallel realities” and on the other to the actual scale of certain works by Monika Sosnowska and Andrea Zittel. Both Zittel’s objects, which seem to be intended for use, and Sosnowska’s works, which are like explorations of space that have taken form, test the relationship of art and reality in life size. The artists are also linked by a shared interest in the modernist era, its social utopias, and its concrete efforts to unite art and life, in which architecture and design play an important role.

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