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Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond escaped from Hungary in 1956 and immigrated to the United States to toil in the underbelly of Hollywood. Suddenly, after ten years, Laszlo’s camera broke the rules of cinema with *Easy Rider* and Vilmos poured “poetic realism” into *McCabe & Mrs. Miller*, ushering a new wave of American cinema. Combined with interviews from some of Hollywood's biggest names including: Sandra Bullock, Peter Fonda, Denis Hopper and more, you will see how two kids from Hungary reshaped Hollywood. Essential for film students and lovers of American New Wave Cinema. World Premire at the **Cannes International Film Festival** Winner of Best Documentary at the **Santa Fe Film Festival**, **Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival**, and **New Orleans Film Festival** *"Spanning the pair's half-century-long friendship and individual work on strikingly shot films of the past four decades, pic deftly combines personal, political and cinematic histories through anecdote-laden interviews and eye-popping clips." - Rob Nelson, **Variety***


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