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We Home


WE HOME is the story of Ben and Javan, two urban kids living in South Central. When they storm out of their home one day, the boys decide not to turn back. Homeless, they roam the cold and empty streets, until they arrive at a lavish private college campus. They find shelter in the college library and pass time until they are kicked out at close. As Ben and Javan walk through the college residences, Javan notices a college student walking up ahead. On impulse, Javan charges after him and forces the student, Sam, to take them back to his place. When they arrive at Sam’s cozy apartment, the boys make themselves at home while Sam watches uncomfortably. After they eat, Sam works up the courage to attack his intruders. When Ben holds a gun up to him, Sam retreats into his bathroom and locks himself in. On the other side of the door, a plastic airsoft BB bounces off the door, revealing that the gun is just a toy. Javan and Ben kick back on the comfy sofa and enjoy their temporary comfort. When Sam wakes up in the morning, he steps out and looks around at his apartment. He sees that the boys are not only gone, but all of his belongings are still there. Meanwhile, Ben and Javan are back on the streets. They round the corner and enter back into their reality; a ramshackle home in the slums of Los Angeles.


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