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Survive the Day






Ben Young

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David C Cook


Storms in life are inevitable. Eventually everyone faces one. Sometimes difficult circumstances continue with no end in sight while prayers for miracles seem to go unanswered. For the past three decades, pastor Ben Young has worked with families and individuals struggling to cope with the harsh realities of major life crisis. He also knows personally what it's like to endure an ongoing storm. Through his own trials, he has learned not only to survive each dark day, but to live every day in ways that make a person stronger, wiser, and more at peace. In his new book, Survive the Day, pastor Ben Young equips readers with hard-won wisdom and counterintuitive choices to help them thrive despite heartbreaking challenges and ongoing hardships. Ben Young is a writer and pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He is also an adjunct professor at Houston Theological Seminary and the author of several books, including Room for Doubt, Devotions for Dating Couples, and Why Mike's Not a Christian. Ben enjoys surfing and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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