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The Journey of a Martyr's Companion





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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Book 2 of the Seventieth Week Chronicles is work of fiction that picks up the story moments after John Doe and Techie part ways at the end of the fictional portion of Book 1: The Making of a Martyr. It is a fast-paced action story of Techie living on the run, eventually being reunited with John for one last mission. It is a dystopian world where nothing can be taken for granted, few can be trusted, and where the reader is introduced to the beasts of the second WOE. It is a testimony to the hand of God surrounding two of his faithful witnesses, as it displays God's providence that ultimately carries them through to the end. One thing they find in their trials and tribulations is that they are not alone as God provides a mixed cast of characters to see them though, to their own peril. Their relationship with one another is much like that of Paul and Timothy. John used every waking moment to testify to the grace of God, and eventually his protege, Techie, learned to honor his mentor in his own way. It is a story of courage and sacrifice during a period that no one should desire to experience firsthand.

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