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The Making of a Martyr





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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


This is both a work of fiction and nonfiction. The work of fiction concerns the journal of one man's journey through the maze of a dystopian world, written subsequent to the rapture of the church during the rise of the new world order along with the prophesied coming of the Antichrist. It is written as a testimony to others that will be following in his footsteps to both warn and to encourage those now living in a world where to be known as a believer is an immediate death sentence. The non-fiction portion of the book is based upon over forty years of extensive study of the Word of God and will illuminate my reasoning behind the events and their timeline as depicted in this tale with extensive scriptural support. I am one who believes in Sola Scriptura-the Word alone defines and interprets itself. This book is a testimony to the sovereignty of God and as witness to those who find themselves living during these soon coming perilous days. For those who are longing for our Lord's return, may this book encourage the reader to delve deeper into his Word. Book Two The Journey of a Martyr's Companion.

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