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Property Investment Secrets - Rent to Rent: A Complete Rental Property Investing Guide





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Obex Publishing


"That £1,500 was soon becoming the best investment I have ever made. Throughout this book, I will be providing you with everything I learned that day about the rent-to-rent model, and everything else I have learned since!" Sam Wellman started his property portfolio with no money up-front, while he was still a student. The Rent-To-Rent model is not just a great way for first-time investors to get started, but it can also help accelerate any property investor's portfolio. Typically, the profit per property ranges from £400-£1000 per month, so you can replace your full-time job in little to no time at all! This book acts as a step-by-step guide to getting started with the Rent-To-Rent model, telling you all the essentials to build a successful portfolio, and all of the legal requirements that you must be aware of. The small cost of this book will pay for itself 100 times over, by stopping you from making all of the typical mistakes when starting out. Why pay £1,500 on a Rent-To-Rent workshop, when all of the information you need is here, in one easy-to-read book?

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