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All About Sex






1h 44m





Dillon Lane, Natalee Linez, Emma Deckers, Matt Angel, Dakota Gorman, Chris Costanzo, Parvesh Cheena, Cate Cohen, Sterling Sulieman, James Hyde

Directed By

Dakota Gorman

Written By

Dakota Gorman

Publication Information

Gravitas Ventures


All About Sex is a generational film that follows the lives of three mid-20's friends, Casey, Morgan and Sage, each caught in the grip of a quarter-life crisis as they meander through the messy, embarrassing and confusing pitfalls that come with "adulting". Morgan is an aspiring publisher who struggles to make ends meet the only way she knows how (as a sex worker) until she encounters the charming and unpretentious Lowick. As Morgan falls in love for the first time, Casey begins to unravel as her self-diagnosis becomes a consistent stream of cocktails while grappling with the resurgence of her clinical depression. Sage, a morose artist, battles her own demons feeling eternally bound to misery and a minimum wage paycheck until the flirtatious banter with one of her co-workers breaks down her walls. Through the journey of friendship, this edgy, honest and relatable film brandishes the flaws of the human condition and the inevitable mistakes we make in life which do not define us.


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