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The Art of Sonship





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It's time for the children of God to refuse to settle for anything less than the destiny He has planned for them. The Art of Sonship reveals the critical importance of sonship, and why this often-overlooked spiritual principle is an essential key to walking out your purpose in the Kingdom of God. Missing out on sonship could mean the difference between fulfilling – or falling short of – your destiny. Combining his trademark humor, unique life experiences, and powerful Scriptural insight, Pastor Israel Campbell takes you on an Old Testament journey where you'll discover the core principles of sonship. Through studying the crazy, drama-filled stories of King David and his 19 sons, you'll see how and why many of David's heirs missed sonship―and in the process, missed out on their true callings. Sons like Absalom, who responded to conflict with violent retribution, or Adonijah, who chose arrogant self-promotion over humility, never achieved their God-given destinies because they made bad decisions. In The Art of Sonship, you'll learn what could have gone differently…and how you can learn from their mistakes. You'll also learn: - Why "Spiritual DNA" is critical to your identity as a son - Scriptural foundations for spiritual mentorship or "parenthood" - How Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Fathers can avoid common pitfalls that have derailed destinies - How the perfect Son restores sonship to a broken world Ultimately, it's up to us to choose what kind of sons we will be. Will we be sons of promise that choose honor, humility, and communication? Or will we be sons of destruction that choose offense and insecurity? The Art of Sonship will help you answer those questions…and help launch you into the destiny and purpose you were made for.

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