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Rudi Markovi is running for President - and he has the press clippings to prove it. Accompanied by his campaign manager, Slater Thompson, Rudi tours the country in his old, green van in search of votes and free publicity. But it's what he finds instead that makes life interesting. He finds Angela Cartwright, a cake froster who needs a life change. Joining a Presidential campaign is all the change she could hope for, especially since she's fallen in love with the candidate. He finds Phil Nixon, a talk radio DJ whose afternoon show is going down the tubes. Having Rudi on the air is a good way of killing time until the management kills his contract. He finds Leon Trotsky Butler, a would-be revolutionary who wants to change the world, if he could only get the world to pay attention. In Rudi, Leon sees someone he thinks could capture that attention - with the right plan. Politics, love, and revolutionary fervor prove an explosive mix as Rudi tries to change the world, and ends up changing a few lives instead. Political satire at its finest!

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