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It started with a simple idea. When Connie Giordano and Al Martine, owners of the TechWhirl website, invited me to write an article, I decided to collect some of the redundant phrases I ran across in my editing projects, phrases that made me smile. Why not share the pleasure? "That one's going on the list," I found myself saying day after day. After the TechWhirl article was published in October of 2013, I couldn't stop. The list grew. And grew. I smiled every time I read or heard (or said) things like this: sufficient enough tall in stature equal halves overly paranoid long-term rather than short-term mutual benefit for all involved "That one's going on the list." Others caught the fever. The phrases rolled in from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Listly--even from across the dinner table. Two hundred. Three hundred. Six hundred. A new book called to me. Now it calls to you.


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