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Bluey The Koala and True Blue Magic





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An early introduction to adult values through a story line involving native animals in life's challenges in the Australian Bush. The book is written entirely in verse and contains over 60 colored illustrations. A guide for discussion of many social issues is included. The koala family are separated in drought conditions then find themselves in the middle of a bushfire. They are offered shelter by the Wombats where 'cultural differences' arise. Bluey finds strength through a magic pebble, saves his friends from a crocodile and defeats Jacko the pyromaniac. Many animals offer help, some sincere, others lacking in integrity and an unlikely hero emerges. Hidden in the story for the reader to discover and discuss with the educator are issues relating to: Honesty, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, leadership, Authority, peer pressure, physical cultural differences, Tolerance, grace, immigration, racial prejudice, poverty, Insecurity, disenfranchisement, disempowerment, Altruism, compassion, gratitude, generosity, empathy, ......and of course being. TRUE BLUE

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