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Basic Food Preparation: Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Meats & Eggs with Chef Tom Small






2h 0m




Directed By

Jim Watt, Kelly Watt

Written By

Jim Watt

Publication Information

Bennett-Watt Entertainment, Inc.


This program is designed for the novice in the kitchen, or for someone who wants to brush up on their culinary skills. Basic Food Preparation concentrates on tips & techniques. How to select and prepare the very best ingredients so that we get a recipe that works every time we make it. Learn how to cut, chop, slice, dice, mince, julienne, blanch, clean, debone, braise, roast, sautee, boil, fry, poach and more! These are the basics, the foundations of cooking, which you can adapt to a variety of different situations. Gaining knowledge of basic methods combined with practice and experience will result in success in the kitchen. Learn how to select and prepare fruits & vegetables, cook chicken several different ways, how to pan sear a steak, many ways to prepare eggs, sauces & even homemade mayonnaise. The preparation is what's important... how we actually do things and the steps involved gives the viewer a better understanding of what goes into a delicious meal, which will lead to success in the kitchen.


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