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The Thanksgiving Treasure






Gail Rock

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Open Road Media


In Clear River, Nebraska, in 1947, the real meaning of Thanksgiving is friendship and forgiveness-can the holiday end an ancient feud between Addie's father and his nemesis? Eleven-year-old Addie and her best friend, Carla Mae, are looking forward to Thanksgiving in their small hometown. When the girls make their annual bike ride into the country to pick cattails, milkweed pods, thistles, and gold leaves for their autumn bouquets, they find themselves near Old Man Rehnquist's farm. Mr. Rehnquist and Addie's father became archenemies years ago during a feud over a pond that her dad dug for the farmer. At school, Addie and Carla are taught that Thanksgiving is a time for fellowship, and Addie has a great idea. She'll invite Mr. Rehnquist to Thanksgiving dinner! Will her dad and the grumpy old man be able to bury the hatchet-or will Thanksgiving be the start of a new war between the neighbors? Can the real meaning of Thanksgiving win out?

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