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Moving between fact and fiction, past and present, this dizzyingly inventive novel reimagines the story of the Mutiny on the Bounty It started with a coconut . . .   In the early hours of April 27, 1789, Fletcher Christian, master's mate on the HMS Bounty, took a coconut from a pile on the quarterdeck. This random, seemingly inconsequential act set in motion a snowballing series of events that culminated in a revolt.   In this strikingly original novel, equal parts time-travel adventure, travelogue, and fictional memoir, Diana Souhami moves across time and place, from eighteenth-century Tahiti to modern-day Pitcairn Island, from Knightsbridge to Tauranga, Mangareva to Tubuai. Along with Fletcher Christian, the sprawling cast of characters includes the unforgettable Captain William Bligh, who is cast adrift in an open boat on ferocious seas with eighteen men and no maps or supplies. Readers will also meet Pitcairn Island sex offenders, the Native American crew of a seventeen-thousand-ton ship called the Tundra Princess, the narrator's elderly mother, and a mysterious lesbian aristocrat known as Lady Myre.   Weaving together history, destiny, and chaos theory, this captivating adventure is for anyone who has ever yearned to travel to an exotic, faraway place.


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