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Pat Kirwan's best-selling Take Your Eye Off the Ball was a football fan's undergraduate education. The Go Deeper series of books from Pat and Real Football Network is a master's class in understanding the finer points of playing particular positions. The series is launched, of course, with the most important position in sports: quarterback. Go Deeper: Quarterback includes chapters on: • Understanding the utility of mobility (dispelling the myth of the dual-threat quarterback). The most important tools and traits required to play the position. A look at the mechanics of throwing the football. How to read a defense pre- and post-snap and call plays designed to beat a particular coverage. How offenses evolve to maximize a quarterback's matchups. Situational execution (two-minute drills, red zone). How teams need to address all quarterbacks on the roster and the strategy behind finding the appropriate backup. The book also includes exclusive play diagrams that will help fans understand their favorite game like never before!


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