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Ed Muskie





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Tilbury House Publishers


This insightful biography covers Edmund "Ed" Muskie's life and career through his years as governor of Maine, ending when Muskie left for Washington to begin his senatorial career. Born in a paper mill town in Maine's western foothills, one of six children of a Polish immigrant tailor and a Polish- American mother whose English was worse than her husband's, Muskie's arc through his formative years to future greatness was singular and unpredictable-an American story that looks plausible only in hindsight. A Roman Catholic among Protestants, a Democrat among Republicans, introverted and painfully shy, trained by his father to one day take over the family's tailor shop, Ed seems nevertheless to have known from boyhood that he had a different destiny to fulfill. Scraping his way through college and law school in the Great Depression-never sure in late summer whether he could pay for the fall term despite his scholarships-Muskie never lost sight of that destiny, nor did he later during his grinding campaigns for governor against the Republican machine. Jim Wetherill follows Muskie through his boyhood and formative years to age forty-five, when Muskie finished his second term as governor and headed for the U.S. Congress. This stylish and well-researched biography captures in intimate detail how the man who would write the Clean Air Act, foster the Clean Water Act, shape the nation's environmental policy, and become America's first Polish-American Secretary of State and vice-

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