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Zoom Karaoke Gap Fillers, Vol. 78






Zoom Karaoke

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Zoom Karaoke


1 We Own the Night (In the Style of The Wanted) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:28
2 Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High (In the Style of Arctic Monkeys) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:39
3 Big Yellow Taxi (In the Style of Joni Mitchell) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:15
4 Blue Velvet (In the Style of Bobby Vinton) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:47
5 Burn (In the Style of Ellie Goulding) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:50
6 Coming around Again (In the Style of Carly Simon) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:50
7 For the Good Times (In the Style of Perry Como) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:35
8 Free Fallin' (In the Style of Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers) [Karaoke Version] 00:04:08
9 Fuck You (In the Style of Cee Lo Green) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:41
10 Give Me One Reason (In the Style of Tracy Chapman) [Karaoke Version] 00:04:25
11 Glitter in the Air (In the Style of Pink) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:41
12 Happy Birthday (In the Style of Altered Images) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:58
13 High and Dry (In the Style of Radiohead) [Karaoke Version] 00:04:17
14 Hotel room Service (In the Style of Pitbull) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:58
15 Hounds of Love (In the Style of Kate Bush) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:01



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