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Oct 2013 Country Hits Karaoke






Off The Record

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Sing It Now Records, Inc.


1 Alabama Kinda Girl (In the Style of Summerlyn Powers) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:05
2 Back in the Day (In the Style of Downday) [Karaoke Version] 00:04:23
3 Gasoline and Matches (In the Style of Le Ann Rimes) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:49
4 If I Were a Carpenter (In the Style of Shannon & Heather Slaughter) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:19
5 Stand Back (In the Style of Stephanie Quayle) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:30
6 Where I Stood (In the Style of Le Ann Rimes) [Karaoke Version] 00:04:19
7 Burn These Memories Down (In the Style of Lathan Moore) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:39
8 Kiss Me (In the Style of Kayla Calabrese) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:34
9 That's How I Roll (In the Style of Taylor Made) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:11



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