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Tchaikovsky: Ballet Suites






Boston Symphony Orchestra, Seiji Ozawa

Publication Information

Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin


1 No.1 Scène (Allegro giusto) 00:03:00
2 No.2 Valse (Corps de Ballet) 00:07:13
3 No.13d Danse des petits cygnes (Allegro moderato) 00:01:29
4 No.13e Danse des cygnes: Pas d'action: Odette et le prince/Deuxième danse de la reine des cygnes (Andante) 00:07:20
5 No.20 Danse hongroise (Czárdás) 00:03:05
6 No.29 Scène finale (Andante) 00:05:38
7 Overture 00:03:17
8 No. 2 March 00:02:25
9 No. 14c Pas de deux: Variation II (Dance Of The Sugar-Plum Fairy) 00:02:16
10 No. 12d Character Dances: Trépak (Russian Dance) 00:01:09
11 No. 12b Character Dances: Coffee (Arabian Dance) 00:03:37
12 No. 12c Character Dances: Tea (Chinese Dance) 00:01:13
13 No. 12e Character Dances: Dance of the Reed Pipes 00:02:16
14 No. 13 Waltz Of The Flowers 00:06:57
15 Introduction - The Lilac Fairy 00:04:26
16 Pas d'action: Rose Adagio 00:05:59
17 Pas de caractère: Puss in Boots 00:01:53
18 Panorama (andantino) 00:03:07
19 Valse 00:04:37



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