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Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus & Motets






1h 10m 49s


De Profundis, Robert Hollingworth, William Lyons, Sam Barrett, Graham Kirk, Mark Dourish, Rob Humphries, Mark Hounsell, Brian Mummert, Solomon Hayes, Tristram Cooke

Publication Information

Hyperion Records Limited


1 Anonymous: Illuxerunt coruscationes tuae 00:02:20
2 Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus: I. Kyrie 00:02:52
3 Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus: II. Gloria 00:04:14
4 Anonymous: Speciosus forma 00:01:25
5 Anonymous: Alleluia. Candor est lucis aeternae 00:01:42
6 Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus: III. Credo 00:08:08
7 Vivanco: Assumpsit Jesus Petrum 00:03:06
8 Anonymous: Per omnia saecula – Vere dignum – Quia per incarnati 00:02:30
9 Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus: IV. Sanctus & Benedictus 00:06:51
10 Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus: V. Agnus Dei 00:02:14
11 Vivanco: O sacrum convivium 00:03:36
12 Anonymous: Dominus vobiscum – Ite, missa est 00:00:49
13 Vivanco: De profundis 00:02:38
14 Vivanco: Versa est in luctum 00:05:17
15 Vivanco: Surge, propera, amica mea 00:04:44
16 Vivanco: Assumpta est Maria 00:02:05
17 Vivanco: Veni, dilecte mi 00:06:38
18 Vivanco: Magnificat primi toni 00:09:34


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