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BRAND NEW from the NUMBER ONE bestselling author of The Last List of Mabel Beaumont comes a powerful story of memory, loss, love, and new beginnings… When Shelley Woodhouse wakes up in hospital from a coma, the first thing she says is that her husband must be arrested. He's the reason she's in here. She knows it. She remembers what he did. Clearly as anything. But there are things Shelley has forgotten too, including parts of her childhood. And as those start to come back to her, so do other memories. Ones with the power to change everything. But can she trust these new memories, or what anyone around her is telling her? And who is the mysterious hospital volunteer who brings her food and keeps making her smile? Is it possible to find your future when you're confused about your past?Readers are loving The Day Shelley Woodhouse Woke Up: 'This is the kind of story that draws you in and will not let you go… Heartbreaking, heartwarming and absolutely stupendous. I loved it!' Celia Anderson, author 'Heartbreaking but brimming with hope. This wonderfully original and deftly crafted story hooked me from the first page. Shelley's story will stay with me for a long time.' Nicola Gill, author 'Get your box of tissues ready when you read this book. Laura Pearson has written another beautiful story with a great emotional punch, and I loved every minute of it. A tough, eye-opening and important story told with compassion and sensitivity and characters who came alive on the page.An absolute must read.' Louise Fein, author 'I absolutely adored The Day Shelley Woodhouse Woke Up. I loved the dual timeline, it kept me guessing throughout, and I loved the cast of characters around Shelley – the friends and family who helped her find herself and her lost memories again. It dealt with some sensitive issues with care, and I was completely lost in Shelley's world, desperate for her to rediscover her truth.' Clare Swatman, author 'Intriguing, moving and full of compassion… Will stay with me for a long time to come. In Shelley, Pearson has created a character who represents abused women as so much more than the victims of their abuser. Shelley is funny and brave, she's a friend, a business owner, a daughter, a partner. Her strength shines through from the very first page… Part mystery, part emotional drama and entirely engrossing, I highly recommend you read this book.' Lisa Timoney, author 'Pearson's characters may not be safe, but her readers always are. You know you're in good hands when you pick up a book by Laura. In Shelley Woodhouse, we meet another strong and complex woman, who, in her search for the truth about her forgotten recent past, discovers not just facts but love and hope… Another beautiful story with humanity at its heart.' Amy Beashel, author 'Uplifting... The Day Shelley Woodhouse Woke Up handles a serious topic with empathy and grace.' Alison Stockham, author


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