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Whitbourn: Living Voices






1h 4m 8s


Westminster Williamson Voices, Jeremy Powell, Ken Cowan, James Jordan, Ronn Carroll, Jacob Ezzo, Jonathan Palmer Lakeland

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1 Son of God Mass: Introit 00:01:16
2 Son of God Mass: Kyrie 00:04:07
3 Son of God Mass: Kyrie meditation 00:02:57
4 Son of God Mass: Gloria 00:03:45
5 Son of God Mass: Lava me 00:04:56
6 Son of God Mass: Sanctus and Benedictus 00:03:00
7 Son of God Mass: Pax Domini 00:02:25
8 Son of God Mass: Agnus Dei 00:02:20
9 Son of God Mass: Amen 00:02:25
10 Winter's Wait 00:04:08
11 Give us the wings of faith 00:02:36
12 A brief story of Peter Abelard (verson for soprano saxophone and organ) 00:07:30
13 A Prayer from South Africa 00:01:56
14 Living Voices 00:03:11
15 Requiem canticorum: Introit 00:05:27
16 Requiem canticorum: Pie Jesu 00:02:20
17 Requiem canticorum: Alleluia 00:02:12
18 Requiem canticorum: De profundis 00:01:47
19 Requiem canticorum: Lux aeterna 00:01:39
20 All shall be Amen and Alleluia 00:04:11


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