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Thwaites: Ride! Ride!






58m 24s


Robert Manasse, Dov Goldberg, Brian Hill, Roy Babbington, Peter Cater, Penelope Thwaites, Gordon Cochran, Della Jones, Company, Catherine Harvey, David Putnam, Keith Michell, Sharon-Elizabeth Ellis, Stephen Varcoe, Mark Brummitt, Bruce Graham, Maureen Keetch, Harold Lorenzelli

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1 Ride! Ride!: Overture 00:02:19
2 Ride! Ride!, Act I: Have You Heard? (Burgoyne Fish, Mrs. Whitehead, Chorus) 00:03:00
3 Ride! Ride!, Act I: He's Just a Little Man (Martha, Mrs. Whitehead, Burgoyne Fish, Chorus) 00:02:19
4 Ride! Ride!, Act I: I Am Now in My 87th Year (Wesley, Chorus) 00:01:57
5 Ride! Ride!, Act I: Deep in the Blackness of the Earth (Mrs. Whitehead) 00:02:40
6 Ride! Ride!, Act I: Sweet William and Gingerbread Animals (Audrey, Eel Seller, Bonnet Seller, Coal Seller, Nutseller, Blind Woman, Children, Prostitutes, Gin Seller) 00:03:35
7 Ride! Ride!, Act I: Welcome to London, Pretty Girl (Audrey, Sam, Mob, Gentry, Prostitutes, Chorus) 00:04:16
8 Ride! Ride!, Act I: Where Can I Turn? (Martha) 00:03:58
9 Ride! Ride!, Act I: The Lord Jehovah Reigns, His Throne Is Built on High (Chorus) 00:00:51
10 Ride! Ride!, Act I: Brothers and Sisters, Let Me Tell You Something About God (Wesley) 00:02:39
11 Ride! Ride!, Act I: Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy (Audrey, Chorus, Wesley) 00:01:11
12 Ride! Ride!, Act I: He's a Mountebank (The Rev. Henry Hobart) 00:01:43
13 Ride! Ride!, Act I: No One Has Ever Treated Me Like This Before, Why Me? (Martha) 00:03:07
14 Ride! Ride!, Act II: Overture - Dear Brothers, I Am Grieved to Learn of Your Sorry Condition After the Meeting Yesterday (Charles, Wesley) 00:01:07
15 Ride! Ride!, Act II: He Knows My Name! (Martha) 00:02:14
16 Ride! Ride!, Act II: When the Ancient Prophet Moses was Descending from the Mountain (The Rev. Henry Hobart, Dr. Crankshaw, Mrs. Crankshaw) 00:04:32
17 Ride! Ride!, Act II: A Nice Little Change of Air, out with a Carriage and Pair (Mrs. Crankshaw, the Rev. Henry Hoba rt, Dr. Crankshaw) 00:01:45
18 Ride! Ride!, Act II: Say What You Mean, Brother (Wesley, Will, Chorus) 00:02:54
19 Ride! Ride!, Act II: He Calls Us One by One (Charles) 00:01:33
20 Ride! Ride!, Act II: Let the Enemies of the Lord Be Scattered (Will, Chorus) 00:02:09
21 Ride! Ride!, Act II: Get in There, Audrey, and It's More Than You Deserve! (Sam, Martha, Audrey) 00:02:51
22 Ride! Ride!, Act II: What Thou Hast Done I Know Not No (Wesley) 00:01:22
23 Ride! Ride!, Act II: He's Riding, Riding, Riding (Charles) 00:01:46
24 Ride! Ride!, Act II: From the Enemies of the Lord, Preserve Him! (Mrs. Whitehead, Chorus) 00:01:11
25 Ride! Ride!, Act II: Ride Out 00:01:25


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