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Created by a collective of 18 spiritual practitioners, Embrace Your Divine Flow combines 'evolvements' in the form of allegorical stories, with art and activities that encourage readers to undertake their own journeys of healing and wisdom. The substantive investigation asked of authors was: "What is your connection to the divine-whether it be God, the source, the light, the power of the universe, or Newet'sine, the Creator? How does this connection to the divine flow a path of least resistance along your river of life and beyond, and how might you share this?" Authors' themes include sacred places, sound and sensuality, ancestors, magic and imagination, infinity, authenticity, spirits, and gratitude. Authors are Mar'ce Merrell, Antoine Mountain, Islene Runningdeer, Julian Hobson, Kayla Lappin, John Heerema, Valerie Campbell, James R. Parker, Lorene Shyba, Alex Soop, Audrya Chancellor, Lynda Partridge, Raymond Yakeleya, Hilda Chasia Smith, Iikiinayoonaa Marlene Yellow Horn, and Rich Théroux. Author and editor Julian Hobson CHt BHSC was born in Sheffield, UK, inheriting and developing the abilities of healing through his grandmother. He lives on the western slopes of the Rockies in the East Kootenays of B.C., sharing his time between his profession as a cardiac sonographer, his practice of hypnotherapy, and nature. Author and editor Lorene Shyba MFA PhD is publisher and creative director at Durvile & UpRoute Books. She has brought her academic rigour to nurture the evolvements, exercises, and multimedia of this book, alongside her gifted project colleagues. She lives in the foothills of the Rockies, near Diamond Valley, Alberta. Artist Helena Hadala MFA RCA is an artist whose practice focuses on imagery that reflects her perceptual world. Zen Buddhism and Taoism have informed her life and creative process. Helena is an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and she lives in Calgary, Alberta. Foreword writer Elizabeth Rockenbach BIP is an advanced Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner, and a faculty member at the BBSH School in NYC. She is also co-founder of Elizabeth lives in her "Sunflower Home" in New Mexico. Foreword. The Power of Parable, Elizabeth Rockenbach Introduction. Shared Dynamics, Julian Hobson and Lorene Shyba Confluence, Art & Haiku by Helena Hadala 1. Water Calls, Water Holds. Mar'ce Merrell 2. Spirits of the Departed. Antoine Mountain 3. Nenet's Broken Heart. Islene Runningdeer 4. Mother Son. Julian Hobson 5. The Veil. Kayla Lappin 6. Kick. Step. Kick. Step. John Heerema 7. Moving Her Poetic Body. Valerie Campbell 8. Simulation and Local Smoke, Two Stories.James R. Parker 9. Aura Borealis. Lorene Shyba 10. Niitsitapi Reveal. Alex Soop 11. Felina Aloha's Evolution. Hilda Chasia Smith 12. The Mountain, the Wind & the Wildflowers. Raymond Yakeleya 13. Tough Love. Lynda Partridge 14. Atlantean Illumination. Audrya Chancellor 15. The Sacred Places Stories Take Us. Iikiinayookaa Marlene Yellow Horn 16. Let the World Catch Up. Rich Théroux Bibliography. Further Studies, Collated About the Editors, Artist, and Foreword Writer. " An inspiring book. This diverse collective of spiritual practitioners, from Indigenous Elders to movement therapists, artists, soul session teachers, and musician healers make a unique contribution to the literature and explorations of peace, love, and healing." - ­Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer, author of the bestsellers The Afterlife Frequency, Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go

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