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Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends






2h 26m 57s


Orchestra, Alan Jay Lerner, Patty Tiffany, Kay Cole, Jeffrey Rockwell, Charlotte Rae, David Burnham, Ian Abercrombie, Amy Pietz, Jane Carr, Roger Rees, Michelle Nicastro, Linda Michele, Rex Reed, Guy Haines, Mary Cadorette, Mary Jo Mecca, Steven Davis, Brock Peters, Marti Muller, Jamie Anderson, Betty Garrett, Patrick Cassidy, Calvin Remsberg, Joanna Gleason, Tia Riebling, Kirby Tepper, Joan Ryan, Sean McDermott, Dale Kristien, William Katt, Janis Paige, Shirley Jones, Bill Hutton, Jack Noseworthy, Tara Wilson, Dorian Harewood, Joely Fisher, Armelia McQueen, James Barbour, Donna McKechnie, Rex Smith, Carole Cook, Pamela Myers, Davis Gaines, Ron Abel

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1 Overture 00:03:28
2 Applause, Applause! (From "Give A Girl A Break") 00:02:58
3 Almost Like Being In Love (From "Brigadoon") 00:03:52
4 The Heather On The Hill (From "Brigadoon") 00:03:25
5 When The Idle Poor Become The Idle Rich (From "Finian's Rainbow") 00:03:11
6 Everything I Have Is Yours (From "Dancing Lady") 00:03:58
7 With A Little Bit Of Luck (From "My Fair Lady") 00:02:58
8 Wouldn't It Be Loverly (From "My Fair Lady") 00:03:49
9 The Ascot Gavotte (From "My Fair Lady") 00:03:22
10 From This Day On (From "Brigadoon") 00:02:34
11 The Little Prince (From "The Little Prince") 00:02:29
12 In Our United State (From "Give A Girl A Break") 00:04:36
13 Dance A Little Closer (From "Dance A Little Closer") 00:02:47
14 Moments Like This (From "College Swing") 00:03:51
15 When You Grow Up You'll Know (From "Huckleberry Finn") 00:02:25
16 How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life? (From "Royal Wedding") 00:03:18
17 How Far Is It To The Next Town? (From "Lolita, My Love") 00:03:34
18 Economics (From "Love Life") 00:04:01
19 C'Est Moi (From "Camelot") 00:04:48
20 There But For You Go I (From "Brigadoon") 00:03:28
21 Take Care Of This House (From "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue") 00:03:05
22 You're All The World To Me (From "Royal Wedding") 00:04:04
23 Follow Me (From "Camelot") / On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (From "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever") 00:03:01
24 They Call The Wind Maria (From "Paint Your Wagon") 00:04:26
25 She Wasn't You (From "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever") 00:03:43
26 How To Handle A Woman (From "Camelot") 00:04:18
27 The Seven Deadly Virtues (From "Camelot") 00:03:04
28 Before I Gaze At You Again (From "Camelot") 00:02:36
29 In The Broken Promised Land Of Fifteen (From "Lolita, My Love") 00:04:24
30 Old Devil Moon (From "Finian's Rainbow") 00:03:59
31 I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (From "My Fair Lady") / Gigi (From "Gigi") 00:05:54
32 Come Back To Me (From "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever") 00:03:39
33 Don't Let It Get You Down (Love Is A Lovely Thing) (From "Hold On To Your Hats") 00:03:37
34 On The Street Where You Live (From "My Fair Lady") 00:03:07
35 I Could Have Danced All Night (From "My Fair Lady") 00:02:46
36 Too Late Now (From "Royal Wedding") 00:04:23
37 How About You? 00:05:50
38 What Did I Have That I Don't Have? (From "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever") 00:04:49
39 If Ever I Would Leave You (From "Camelot") 00:04:54
40 Here I'll Stay (From "Love Life") 00:02:06


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