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We Are the Old Souls





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Ella Marshall


Aurora James is an idealist in the most pure form. She doesn't believe in bad days, despite how many she's had. She's a sucker for cliches and she really truly believes that romance novels are the best form of literature in the world. Eric Meridian is the opposite. He's a realist who verges on cynicism. He doesn't believe in good people. He doesn't believe that his best friend's little sister could possibly ever take care of herself in a college as big as Weston University- and he definitely doesn't want to be stuck taking care of her while his best friend spends two months in New York City. All he wants is to do is take photos and finish his degree. And he most definitely doesn't want to fall for her. Not in the slightest. But in true romance novel fashion, he doesn't have any control over that. Aurora James was never meant to love Eric Meridian, and Eric Meridian was never meant to throw away everything for his best friend's little sister.

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