NOTICE: The Eastwood Branch will be closed on April 29th & 30th for maintenance needs. 

Notice of Public Meeting: Kalamazoo Public Library Board of Trustees | April 22nd| 5 pm | Central Library/Van Deusen Room. The packet of information for the meeting can be found on the library’s website

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Building Patterns






29m 57s


Peter Ian Jones, Mike Gunn, Peter Keith Yelland-Brown, Nikk Hope, James Marangone, Matt Bradford, Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Samuel John McAvoy, Matt Howe

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Beacon Music


1 Hit Your Stride 00:02:35
2 Knew You Could 00:02:34
3 Raft Ride 00:02:19
4 Stars that Fly 00:02:23
5 Daisy Chains and Paper Planes 00:02:34
6 Paths Cross 00:02:33
7 Bridge on the Horizon 00:02:28
8 With The Wind Behind You 00:02:26
9 Sentimental Patterns 00:02:45
10 Family Photo Album 00:02:25
11 Through it Together 00:02:24
12 Life in Miniature 00:02:31

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