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It May Not Have Been Easy... But Was Absolutely Perfect





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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


"Mom, he's not moving," Mariah commented. "What do you mean he's not moving? Mariah, what happened.? Is Dalen okay? I need to know if my son is alive. Can you tell me if my son is alive?"' I said as I'm standing in line at the checkout. "Mom, I don't know, they won't let me see him. There's a lot of blood, Mom,. What do I do?" Mariah stated in a panic. "Mariah, are you okay? Please, you need to tell me that you are okay and that my son is alive! Mariah, I love you. I love you so much. I just need to know about Dalen,"' I insisted. A parent's worst nightmare would be that horrific phone call when the most devasting news possible comes, and what do you do in that very life altering moment, and after? This story is about the passing of a son and the tragedy that a family faced, and what they experienced in those awful moments. However, this story is more about all the miracles that followed and continued to come. You will see within this book what happens when we let God lead our lives, we are abundantly and profoundly blessed, and we call them 'Miracles'. This is a story of how one person truly did influence hundreds of lives around them. One did make the difference, a very positive difference. In this story, that one person was her son. This is a story written by a mother sharing of her son's passing, and how everything just became absolutely perfect with all that followed.

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