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An Evening With Alan Jay Lerner






1h 43m 48s


Tony Britton, Peter Bayliss, Peter Durkin, Roy Sone, David Oakley, Shirley Greenwood, Benny Green, Sally Ann Howes, Tim Flavin, Bonnie Langford, Burton Lane, Elaine Paige, David Jacobs, Peter Land, Michael Sadler, Peter Fleetwood, Placido Domingo, Marti Webb, Len Cariou, Liz Robertson, Robert Meadmore, Claire Moore, Christopher Cazenove, Gerard Kenny, The United Kingdom Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Massey, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Martin Smith, David Kernan, Tim Rice, Cantabile, Patricia Routledge, The My Fair Lady Company, Anne Rogers, Richard Caldicot, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., André Previn, Company

Publication Information

First Night Records


1 1st Reading from "The Street Where I Live" by Alan Jay Lerner 00:01:37
2 With A Little Bit Of Luck [My Fair Lady] 00:03:31
3 Introduction 00:01:05
4 Heather On The Hill [Brigadoon] 00:03:21
5 How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life? [Royal Wedding] 00:04:32
6 Come Back To Me [On A Clear Day You Can See Forever] 00:02:42
7 2nd Reading from "The Street Where I Live" by Alan Jay Lerner 00:02:51
8 On A Clear Day You Can See Forever [On A Clear Day You Can See Forever] 00:02:19
9 Introduction 00:01:19
10 The Street Where You Live [My Fair Lady] 00:04:10
11 Almost Like Being In Love [Brigadoon] 00:02:45
12 There's Always One You Can't Forget [Dance A Little Closer] 00:02:37
13 Another Life [Dance A Little Closer] 00:04:20
14 If Ever I Would Leave You [Camelot] 00:03:59
15 Follow Me [Camelot] 00:02:48
16 3rd Reading from "The Street Where I Live" by Alan Jay Lerner 00:02:13
17 Camelot [Camelot] 00:01:55
18 Garbage Isn't What It Used To Be 00:04:47
19 Gigi Medley: The Night They Invented Champagne/Thank Heaven For Little Girls/I Remember It Well/She's Not Thinking Of Me [Gigi] 00:05:11
20 Gigi [Gigi] 00:03:22
21 I'm Glad I'm Not Young Any More [Gigi] 00:03:22
22 One More Walk Around The Garden [Carmelina] 00:04:15
23 Why Him? [Carmelina] 00:02:49
24 How To Handle A Woman [Camelot] 00:03:35
25 Maria [Paint Your Wagon] 00:02:36
26 Wanderin' Star [Paint Your Wagon] 00:03:14
27 Tale Care Of This House [1600 Pennsylvania Avenue] 00:03:41
28 Ascot Gavotte [My Fair Lady] 00:03:25
29 I Could Have Danced All Night [My Fair Lady] 00:02:48
30 The Rain In Spain [My Fair Lady] 00:03:14
31 I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face [My Fair Lady] 00:05:10
32 Introduction 00:01:10
33 Dance A Little Closer [Dance A Little Closer] 00:03:05


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