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The Hand-Stitched Surface





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Quarto Publishing Group USA


Learn to create beautifully intricate and meticulously designed surfaces with some instruction from surface designer Lynn Krawczyk and the projects in The Hand-Stitched Surface. Add new color and flair to your home with hand-stitching projects! Written by noted surface designer Lynn Krawczyk, The Hand-Stitched Surface offers inspiring techniques and beautiful projects for creating richly layered mixed-media surfaces on paper and fabric. It's a fast world we live in, it's important to remember to slow down and savor your handiwork, and hand-stitching is the perfect craft for that. After Krawczyk gives you an overview of tools and supplies you'll be using, she will move you into a section on stitching essentials which covers a range of basic stitches and how they can be modified. You will learn the following skills: • Mixing thread weights for textural effects • Unique ways to create patterns for hand stitching • Exploring color • Tips and tricks for improvisational stitching • And much more! The fifteen keepsake-quality projects are perfect for the times when you feel you need to disconnect from the modern world and enjoy a quieter, more meditative hobby.


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