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Discover the revolutionary business model that lets you achieve success without the headaches of management or asset ownership. In a zero space organization, knowledge is the only true currency and people are the only assets that matter. Through eight new organizational principles, Frank Lekanne Deprez and René Tissen illustrate how "zero-mindedness" is essential for the new economy. As organizations evolve into less tangible, less prescribed forms, our thinking must also evolve to become less departmentalized and closely guarded. This new open-mindedness or "zero mind-set" targets knowledge so that an organization applies it when and where it is really needed. Deprez and Tissen-two top executives at the consulting firm KPMG Knowledge Advisory Services-show how to create a zero-space organization: a value-adding, quick-reacting, non-centralized, non-standardized, innovation-generating workplace for dedicated talent.

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