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Stephen Ward [Original London Cast Recording]






1h 9m 48s


Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alexander Hanson, Charlotte Spencer, Charlotte Blackledge, Kate Goyston, Amy Griffiths, Emma Kate Nelson, Joanna Riding, Ian Conningham, Stephen Ward Original London Cast, Ricardo Coke-Thomas, Daniel Flynn, Wayne Robinson, Christopher Howell, Martin Callaghan, Paul Kemble, John Stacey, Julian Forsyth, Anthony Calf

Publication Information

The Really Useful Group Ltd.


1 Human Sacrifice 00:05:01
2 Super Duper Hula Hooper 00:01:36
3 When You Get To Know Me 00:03:23
4 You're So Very Clever To Have Found This 00:03:09
5 This Side Of The Sky 00:04:33
6 Manipulation 00:04:31
7 He Sees Something In Me 00:02:05
8 You've Never Had It So Good 00:04:41
9 Black-hearted Woman 00:02:20
10 Mother Russia, While We Can 00:04:12
11 Love Nest 00:02:25
12 1963 00:03:47
13 Give Us Something Juicy 00:02:47
14 Manipulation Reprise 00:02:13
15 Police Interview 00:06:33
16 I'm Hopeless When It Comes To You 00:03:45
17 The Arrest 00:01:10
18 The Trial 00:05:08
19 Too Close To The Flame 00:06:29


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