Notice of Public Meeting: Kalamazoo Public Library Board of Trustees | April 22nd| 5 pm | Central Library/Van Deusen Room. The packet of information for the meeting can be found on the library’s website

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City of Villains






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Disney Hyperion


18-year-old rebellious prodigy Eve is the youngest member of the Monarch City police squad. When she and her buttoned-up partner Bella are assigned their first case, finding missing teenager Molly F. Saint, they discover the dark, gritty underbelly of a city in turmoil, where a shadowy organization is magically experimenting on kidnapped girls - and turning them into monsters. Featuring Maleficent, Ursula, The Queen of Hearts, and the Wicked Queen, with appearances by Captain Hook, this is a modern, Marvel-inspired take on Disney's Villains.

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