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Carried By a Feather





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Joan Schmitz


Do bad things happen in threes? For one family, this cliché proved to be true after experiencing a trifecta of epic proportions. And then, came number four. In a span of twenty years, a family of three would be, tragically splintered, leaving only one to recount their tale. In her debut book, Joan Hyams Schmitz shares a story of love, loss, and grief with honesty, candor, and raw emotion served with a sprinkling of the divine. She credits her ability to tap into her reservoir of resilience and inner strength to a few feathered friends, a handful of tenets, a unique club, and signs, symbols, and messages from a place not so far away. Ride along with one family's journey that reiterates and reinforces the fact we all have a story and it's worth sharing. By sharing our stories, we reveal our interconnectedness and the fact we're never really alone as we traverse this thing called life.

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