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Miraculous Identity





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This ten-chapter book will give you a renewing-your-mind upgrade in your Miraculous Identity. In Christ, your miraculous identity already exists, you are simply coming into agreement with it. It is interactive and on your part-proactive, providing you with tools to wrap your mind and heart around. Each chapter contains: -Teaching Section -Posturing Declarations -Experiential Activations -Prayer Focus -Heavenly Word -Teaching Each teaching section will bring understanding to a facet of your identity and will likely stir your emotions to have an increased desire for a deeper relationship with God. You are designed to feel God in your emotions. He gave you emotions so you could feel things. You are supposed to experience God with your emotions. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control-all involving your emotions. God designed you to not just know that He loves you but to experience His love. Yes! Experience His love in your relationship with Him! He created you to feel His love so much that your response is to believe Him and trust Him and desire Him. You are His beloved. The Teaching Section prepares you to move right into the Posturing Declarations. Posturing Declarations: The Posturing Declarations are personalized verses from the Old and New Testaments written in first person for you to speak every day for seven days. You have a proactive role to rewire your thinking about God. This is something only you can do. Each chapter will help you create a new habit of renewing your mind. When you renew your mind, a miraculous transformation takes place. Your part is to renew your mind; God does the transformation inside of you. Since you will speak the declarations twice a day for one week, I suggest you take one week for each chapter. You don't have to. This course is for you to absorb any way you want. It is not an opportunity to beat yourself up if you don't get everything done. I encourage you to engage with the Posturing Declarations and the additional activations to glean the greatest benefit from this book. If you do nothing else, speak the declarations. Declarations are the heart of this course. Incredible transformation takes place if you do the course and not just read the course. Experiential Activations: Activations are interactive and will involve all your senses. They will help you personally engage with the identity target for each chapter. So, take your time and enjoy the process. Each activation section begins with a guide and tracking system for doing the Posturing Declarations. Continue over the week to do the rest of the activations. Prayer Focus and Heavenly Word: The Prayer Focus is just a starting place for you, a launching pad. Add your own words. The Heavenly Word reflects God's view of your miraculous identity. The Full Course: The full course can be used as for Bible Study groups, ministry schools, entire church study, and individual study. You are now ready to begin the hidden journey of your miraculous identity. I pray wondrous, wild, exhilarating encounters and revelations upon you. I pray fresh insights and closeness. I pray you experience God's love. And I pray much laughter.

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