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Dutton Adult


Nia Simone Bijou is a woman who has it all—and is driven by the desire for more. Born in Trinidad, reared in Los Angeles, and now living in Atlanta, Nia is a writer, a thinker, and a woman in conflict. She struggles with both her logical self—a woman who has never let go of an old heartbreak, and her sensual self—a woman demanding intimacy and sexual freedom.As intense loneliness and secret desires take hold, Nia is inspired to become sexually adventurous. She embarks on three passionate and forbidden affairs. Each lover teaches Nia valuable lessons about herself and her desires—but how long can Nia play with fire without getting burned?When fantasies spiral out of control, Nia's search for sexual satisfaction becomes a dangerous game of jealousy and possession. With her life on the line, Nia discovers that pleasure never comes without pain.Set against a sweltering Atlanta summer, and brimming with Dickey's signature exploration of complex relationships, Pleasure is a journey into a world of passion, obsession, and intimacy. Readers will love following Nia as she explores the depths of her desires—this red-hot read is sure to keep readers turning page after steamy page.

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