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Bed-Knob and Broomstick


The Magic Bed-Knob and Bonfires and Broomsticks in one volume. The classic exploits of the three Wilson children, the apprentice witch, and the flying bed. Prim, quiet, elegant Miss Price is a witch!Well, not quite, not yet. A witch-in-training, Miss Price hasn't got the hang of flying on broomsticks nor has she learned how to be properly wicked. And as for her spells—well . . . practice makes perfect. But she can't practice if the three Wilson children—Charles, Carey, and Paul—reveal her secret.In return for their silence, she enchants a brass bed-knob so that when the children twist the knob and wish, the bed will take them anywhere they want. But traveling by bed is a clumsy sort of magic. What the children want is adventure. What they get is trouble . . . trouble of the most breathtaking, fantastic, unforgettable kind."Full of danger, surprise, and glinting humor." —The New York Times"Mary Norton has an infallible instinct for blending imagination and humor, everyday characters and odd ones, the real and the fantastic in just the right proportions." —Chicago Tribune"Has humor and originality in its inventions, conversations, and unexpected twists of plot . . . Convincing." —The Horn Book"Miss Price and the children (especially the matter-of-fact Paul) are charming enough to bewitch . . . without the aid of magic." —Christian Science Monitor

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